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Introducing...Green River Run!

We are so excited to introduce a new group - Green River Run! Born from the popular Irish pub band the Kilmainham Boys, Green River Run continues the Irish traditional music with added elements of bluegrass and Americana folk.

Justin Helland is a Berklee trained classical and jazz guitarist with a passion for traditional Irish and folk tunes. His lifelong pursuit of musical styles and instruments brings a rich sound to the Green River Band as he plays guitar, mandolin, fiddle, accordion, and Irish tin whistle.

Emma Bunnell grew up playing classical violin and flute and after moving to Colorado her musical taste expanded to include mountain folk and bluegrass music. In the summer of 2014 she fell in love with traditional irish music after visiting the west coast of Ireland. Now she brings all her passions for tradition and folk music to the Green River Run Band, playing fiddle, banjo, and flute.

Together, Justin and Emma hope to get your feet tapping and your soul lifting with traditional and new Irish, bluegrass, and folk tune.

Stay tuned for more information and where you can hear the Green River Run Band play next!

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